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Our NDIS Services


Mix It Up – Live life your way is dedicated to assist people to participate in social and recreational activities that are of interest to them, to achieve personal goals included in their NDIS plan.


We work together to develop a service plan that meet your individual needs and goals, at a time and place that suits you. 

Mix It Up – Live life your way is focussed on providing social and community participation opportunities within the broader community. Supporting participants to engage in the activities and events that they enjoy, this can be a one-off or ongoing event. The activities you participate in are entirely your choice and the time we provide service is determined by you. We operate between 6.00am and midnight 7 days a week.

Mix It Up – Live life your way also supports small group of friends to engage in their favourite activities or event.


Mix It Up – Live life your way is a Registered NDIS Provider – Provider number 4050089774. We are approved for Participate Community by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and we are quality assured by BSI Group - Human Service Standards. Click here for more information regarding the standards.

NDIS Funded Support

So, you have been approved for Assistance with social and community participation, or Increased Social and Community Participation, or Improved Daily Living Skills or Improved Relationships in your NDIS plan and you looking for support to participate in your favourite social or recreational activities, attend events or engage in your community, and achieve your personal goals. Together we can find activities and events of interest, develop a personal program, that is focussed on you, and will assist you to achieve your goals.

Support Categories

Your NDIS plan identifies your support category which contains a number of services that you can choose from to achieve your goals. You can use your NDIS budget for any of the services within that support category, but you cannot use the budget allocated to other support category. If you are allocated funding for a specific support (rather than a category), then this funding must be used for that specific service only.

Cost of Supports

The NDIA publishes a price list annually, which sets out the cost of each support. This is the price you will pay no matter which provider you choose. To gain an idea of the cost of the service please ask us for a quote. To view the price list please click on the link


Our NDIS services are to participants with standard support needs who have an approved NDIS plan.


NDIS funding provides you with the opportunity to choose the services that best suit your needs, your goals and how you would like that support to be provided. All services can be tailored to your specific requirements, and altered as your needs or goals change.


  • Over 18 years old.

  • Your NDIS plan includes Assistance with Social and Community Participation as a 'Core Support' or  Increased Social and Community Participation, Improved  Daily Living Skills or Improved Relationships  as a 'Capacity Building Support'.

  • Live in one of our service areas.

  • Manage your own medication whilst receiving support.


Service bookings can be made through the NDIS Portal or you can request for Mix It Up – Live life your way to submit the bookings on your behalf. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

More Information

If you would like to talk about your current needs or would like some more information please call Mix It Up – Live life your way on 0884820800 or email

Creating Your Plan With NDISPutting you in the "Driver's Seat"

Under the NDIS you have choice, control to make the decisions on how you would like your plan to be implemented. This includes what supports you receive, when you want to receive them, where you want to receive them, and what provider you would like to provide them.

When you meet with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Planner you will discuss and identify your goals, and the supports you would like to have included in your plan.

Your plan will then identify the relevant support category to assist you to achieve your goals. These can be:

Core Supports

Core supports assist you with everyday activities, social participation, and consumables. This funding is flexible and allows you to access supports the three categories that best suits your needs and goals.

Capital Supports and Capacity Building Supports

Where funding is specifically target to meet a specific goal. This funding must be used for that specific purpose.

Choosing Your Support

Once you have received your plan, it is up to you to find a provider to implement your plan. You can choose to have one provider or a variety of providers for specific roles. Each provider will work with you to develop a service plan for the service you want them to provide you.

Ways to manage your funding

There are three options to manage your NDIS funding - self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed.

You can also choose a combination of the three options. For example you may choose to self-manage one part of your plan to start with and have the rest managed by the NDIA.

Your ECEI Coordinator, LAC or NDIA planner will ask you how you would like to manage your NDIS funding during your planning meeting. They will help you choose the best way to manage your funds for your needs and circumstances.

No matter how your funds are managed, you still have choice and control to ensure your services are working for you and fit in your budget. Even if your funding is managed by the NDIA or a Plan Manager, you should regularly check the myplace portal and your funding to make sure your budgets are on track.


The NDIA provides you with funding so you can access the supports that will best help you pursue your goals. 

Mix It Up - Live life your way welcomes people receiving Self - Managed NDIS Funding.


Our service provides individuals the support and opportunity to design and choose the type of social support they needs and when they want, and from the service providers they choose.

It is ideal for people wanting to attend a one off event such as going to a concert, family  or community event or wanting  to attend regular activities such as going to the gym, yoga, sporting events etc., however need a little emotional or physical support to attend.

Plan-managed funding

The NDIA will provide funding in your plan to pay for a Plan Manager who pays your providers for you, helps you keep track of funds and takes care of financial reporting for you. 

NDIA-managed funding

The NDIA pays your providers on your behalf. 

Accessing NDIS Support and Funding

If you are seeking to access NDIS Support and Funding more information is provided on the NDIS website you can call them on 1800 800 110

For more information about ways to manage your funding see

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