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Support Group

Supporting Carers

Looking for alternative options for the person you care for or support?


As a carer you may often feel overwhelmed with your caring role as you are juggling a range of mixed emotions and needs. Finding the right support for you and the person you are caring for can be challenging and it can impact on your relationship.


It is common for a carer or support person to experience:

  • Isolation

  • Depression

  • Exhaustion

  • Poor self-care

  • Relationship strain 


We can assist you and the person you are caring for by engaging them in a meaningful and purposeful way that allows you to take some time out and care for yourself.


Mix It Up – Live life your way works with you and the person you support to identify areas in which we can engage the person you care for in their interests and passions and assist them to connect to them through providing one to one support to those activities and events.


We work together to overcome the barriers that limit their ability to maintain their social interests, activities or social connections to minimise the impact of their health condition or situation. Strong, trusting working relationships are developed by treating each person with respect, maintaining their dignity and getting to know what is important to them. 

Through the provision of social engagement support and undertaking activities that are meaningful to the individual it allows each person the space to be themselves.


Creating opportunities to live a meaningful, purposeful and socially active life that enhances wellbeing, improves health conditions, reduces personal stress and nurtures and sustains personal relationships.

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